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Meet the next generation of anti-piracy barriers.

The World's most advanced anti-piracy barrier system.
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The World's most advanced anti-piracy barrier.

Available to rent.


One size.  Fits all.

Any class of ship.  Any size of guardrail.
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And here's why we think you'll love us.

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30% less than buying razor wire.
Anti-piracy barrier rentals that cost less than razor wire.

Razor wire alone does not stop pirates from boarding ships.  For too long, the maritime industry has looked for a better solution.

Traditionally, anti-piracy barriers have been too expensive to buy.

We have changed that.

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Safe to handle.

No cuts.  No injuries.
anti-piracy barrier installation
Light-weight and strong.

Designed with the crew in mind, the PRO-TECT anti-piracy barrier has been specially designed with handgrips to make rigging safe, simple and quick.

It takes less than one minute to instal a one-meter piece.

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With no stowage worries.
We provide OPL delivery and returns.

We have multiple supply depots around the high-risk area.  When you need us, we rendezvous with your vessel and deliver Off Port Limits (OPL).

Once you've completed your high-risk voyage, we take returns back the same way.

This way, the equipment is only onboard when you need it, so there are no worries about where to store it when it's not in use.

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