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Three Ways To Stop Pirates From Boarding Whilst At Anchor.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We recently published an article on Splash247 regarding the port of Callao and its new prevalence in maritime robberies. You can find a link to the article here:

Due to the engagement with this piece, it is crucial to highlight measures to stop and deter pirates from boarding whilst at anchor or berthed. Port robberies mainly centre around the ship being still, making boarding a vessel easier, especially if the crew are unprepared. This article will briefly cover four countermeasures that can be taken to stop ships from being boarded whilst stationary.


Using lights around the ship to eliminate the surrounding waters makes potential pirate easier to see. Furthermore, this can deter pirates from attempting to board as they will most likely look for a less risky target. Moreover, lights can be used on access points for further deterrence and visibility.

The anchor or berthing line is of particular concern when the ship is stationary and these are used by pirates in Callao to gain access to the ship.

Enhanced Vigilance

Whilst sounding like common sense in a high-risk area, enhanced vigilance is essential for early warning. This method involves teams patrolling the ship and looking for unauthorised persons approaching or gaining access to the vessel. A quick look at robberies in South-East Asia shows that perpetrators are scared off when the crew spot the perpetrators and sound the alarm. Due to some pirates not using AIS on their vessels to avoid detection, the importance of enhanced vigilance is heightened. Therefore, enhanced vigilance is essential for spotting pirates before or during the act, particularly when combined with spotlights.

Securing Doors and Hatches

If pirates can gain access to the vessel without being detected, the chances of them being caught or leaving without gaining entry can be enhanced by ensuring entrances into the ship are secure. Areas such as the living quarters, the bridge, machinery and storage areas should be of particular concern.

Anti-Piracy Barriers

Finally, anti-piracy barriers are one of the most effective ways to stop pirates from gaining access to a ship. They provide a slew of other benefits for the crew as they are easier to install and provide no injuries to the crew, unlike razor wire. If you want to protect your vessel and make life easier for your crew, you can arrange a meeting here: Take A Tour Of Our Anti-Piracy Barrier.

If such methods are employed, the ability of a vessel and its crew to ward off a potential robbery whilst stationary or catch robbers early to prevent loss will be enhanced dramatically.

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