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Grounded Container Ship in Suez Canal Resurfaces: Triumph Over Troubled Waters

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In breaking news, the ship Xin Hai Tong 23, which was grounded in the Suez Canal, has been successfully refloated, according to shipping agent Leth Agencies. Tugboats were deployed to assist in the refloating operation.

The ship was marked as "not under command"

It has been two years since the canal faced a similar incident when a massive container ship, the Ever Given, blocked the waterway for nearly a week. The recent incident involved the Xin Hai Tong 23, sailing under the Hong Kong flag, which was positioned at an angle near the canal's eastern side.

"The Suez Canal Authority has successfully refloated M/V XIN HAI TONG 23 at 0740hrs," Leth said in a tweet.

The ship was marked as "not under command" on the Marine Traffic ship tracker, with three Egyptian tugboats present. The grounding of the Ever Given in 2021 caused significant disruptions to global trade, leading to a backlog of vessels.

Another incident last year involved a briefly stranded oil tanker, which was successfully refloated with the assistance of tugboats. Minor delays were also caused by a container ship breakdown in the canal earlier this year.

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